UnPlastic World

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Unplastic World is the culmination of my efforts to live more naturally and to make it easy for other people to do the same.  In 2006 I discovered that I had a sensitivity to foods that are packaged in plastic.  This started me on a quest to improve what I put in my body.  I started reading about plastic and all the harmful effects it has on our bodies and the environment.  I then expanded my research to finding out what pesticides, preservatives, and other synthetic materials did to our bodies and environment.  I did not like what I found out.  From what plastic food containers off-gas into our foods and the environment, to the negative effects that studies of food dyes have shown, to how big business agriculture genetically modifies what we eat everyday.  All of this pushed me to adopt a lifestyle of trying to consume only natural materials that will be kind to my body and their remnants will biodegrade once I am done with them. 

Once I became conscious of how much unhealthy, synthetic material surrounded us, I became aware of how difficult it is to find products that are healthy and natural.  I also found out that a lot of other people are interested in avoiding these products and are putting effort into living a life without them.  After being disappointed about what my local supermarket carried, I started to shop on line for products to fit my way of life.  I was also disappointed here.  Although I discovered a number of sites, I found that it took a lot of digging on a lot of websites to find out if the products I was interested in fit my needs.  Hence, the idea was born.  I will do the searching and the research and offer a good variety of naturally made products in natural packaging.