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Frasier Kitchens located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, we enjoy working on diverse projects with interesting clients from all around the area. We create and install masterpiece designs for local homeowners and seasonal residents alike and are certain that we can help you achieve the perfect goals you have in mind for your project.

Take the first step towards the design of your dreams by contacting us today. We look forward to getting to know you and your project requirements and will handle your inquiry promptly. From initial contact through the completion of your project, you will know that you have made the best choice in selecting Frasier Kitchens as your design partner.

For a quarter-century, Frasier Kitchens has been designing and installing custom kitchen and bath solutions for satisfied clients. Though the beginnings of the business sprouted from the

Frasier family's plumbing and heating business, Frasier Kitchens quickly blossomed and grew into the sought-after design specialty firm that it is today.

In 1976, Larry Frasier realized that homeowners were desiring kitchens and baths that better suited their lifestyles and needs and began meeting those needs through thoughtful, appealing custom designs. The ideals of better function, more aesthetic appeal and improved products brought together in a unique design perfectly meeting the client's lifestyle, tastes and preferences met with great success as client after client enjoyed the end results.

Within a year, Larry's wife Nancy joined him to better serve the clients and is now a key element to creating outstanding designs that win rave reviews from customers and industry alike. By the beginning of their third year, the need for an installer to ensure consistently professional installations was evident and a qualified installer was added to the team. This addition further helped in carrying out the finer details of the design on each project.

Originally an offshoot venture, Frasier Kitchens was a division of the larger plumbing and heating business and had existed in the same building. By 1981, five years of success had made it clear that the design business was going to continue to grow and the business moved to its present location on North Brown street. With increased showroom space, gourmet gifts and Scandinavian furniture departments were added though they only lasted a few years before they were discontinued so the firm could focus on its award-winning kitchen and bath designs.

Throughout the 1980's, the business thrived and saw the addition of office personnel and the firms first office computer. In 1989, Frasier Kitchens separated from the plumbing and heating firm and has operated as an individual business since.

Years of training, learning and practical experience for Larry Frasier culminated in 1992 when he earned the coveted Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) recognition. This represents the highest level of professionalism in the kitchen industry and indicates a depth of knowledge and attention to design that goes far beyond simply being a talented designer.

1994 saw the addition of Jim Ewan, a CAD specialist, to the firm and with him came the ability to provide three-dimensional computer-assisted renderings of designs to augment the service to clients. Still with the firm, Jim is involved in receiving product shipments, designing, sales and project management as well.

A key to the more recent success of the firm has been the heading up of the installation department by Kyle Jones who joined Frasier Kitchens in 1997. Kyle has helped raise the professionalism of installations to new heights and, in turn, brought client satisfaction to even higher levels.

Since 1999, Frasier Kitchens has achieved a balanced blend of product lines that allow them a high degree of flexibility in satisfying clients' needs and desires. Encompassing a spectrum of styles, tastes and designs, the products featured by Frasier's enable them to fine-tune unique designs across a wide range of budget requirements and include some of the finest names in kitchen and bath design.

For 25 years, Frasier Kitchens has been growing to meet the needs of its clients and continues to bring dreams to reality with each completed project. The same ideals that drove the business to early success apply today just as they did back in 1976 and will continue to be the cornerstone of their business.